Current openings

Postdoctoral openings

Like most faculty, I am always looking for postdocs who already have previous experience in the topics that overlap with my research. If you have extensive coding experience, have mechanics and/or machine learning background and are interested in our line of research, I am always looking forward to hearing from such candidates.

If you think you would fit the group, please email me with the subject "Postdoc Inquiry". In your email, please explain to me your prior research experience and how this contributes to the overlapping areas. We do not have internal fellowships at the department to support a long visit. These are mainly restricted to short 3-month visit that aims to write proposals to support longer visits. Thus, if you know of potential fellowships that can support your visit, please feel free to let me know about them in the email. Some available fellowships that I am aware of include (but not limited to)

Ph.D. openings

Like most faculty, I am always looking for Ph.D. students. Send me an email if you are interested in my research and feel you have relevant background. Please email me with the subject "Ph.D. Inquiry". In your email, please explain to me your prior research experience and why you are interested in my work. If I feel there is a good fit, we will have a talk before taking things further. You can also look for all openings at the University of Manchester on our "Find a PhD project" page. For more information about admissions at MACE in the University of Manchester, see admissions at MACE.

Some of the university-level scholarships can be found on the MACE departmental page on "Funding". Regular yearly-calls include Presidential fellowship, Dean's fellowship, Exceptional women in engineering fellowship. These fellowships are extremely competitive. The success of application for these scholarship depends on the pool of applicants each year. Just to provide a general ideal, from past experience, the profiles of selected candidates include those who have:

Some scholarships that I am aware of include:

I can also recommend you to check the funding finder on the university website to check for potential fellowships available based on your nationality.

Bachelor/Masters openings

Remote student intern opportunities

For more information, check out the page on "remote internships".

 Visiting students 

I generally do not have funding for extended visits for students. If you are a student and at a university outside of Manchester, then please talk to your advisor about this. I would generally consider a visit only if: (a) I already have a existing collaboration with your advisor and (b) You are not self-funding the visit but have funding support, from your advisor, for the visit. 

 Visiting faculty and collaborators

I am always open for collaborations if there is a mutual topic of interest. Unfortunately, I do not have funding to support visiting faculty. If you are from the EU, India, USA, Brazil, we can explore joint proposals. Some of the potential funding, that I am aware of to support visits include:

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