Remote internships

Owing to COVID, remote working has become more popular. Owing to this changing landscape, I would be happy to offer remote student internships. I would be considering 3-5 applicants during a semester. If you are interested write to me with the subject "Rem-Intern: Deep Learning (secret word)". You need to read below to find the hidden secret word.

NOTE: This is not an official internship program of the University of Manchester. This is unpaid and purely offered in my personal time as an outreach program.

Goals of this remote internship

General expectations from participating students

Outputs of the program (Note that this depends on the work from the student)

If you are already registered for research at a university, it is your responsibility to inform your advisor and get their approval prior to writing to me. This program is not to work on your existing projects. I will not be able to help you with your existing projects that you are already working on.

I do not work in sensitive areas related to aeronautics, hypersonics, nuclear engineering etc and do not wish to explore these areas in the near future.